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The SIMPLEST, the SAFEST and the most ECONOMIC aircraft ever conceived

Dear english speaking friends, passionate about the Spratt 103 concept,
After more than 15 years of difficult researches and experimentations about the formula of "free" wings and applying this great concept to create a really accessible aviation design, I have now come to the end of the first stage, and I can finally propose to all the plans of the Spratt 103 !

(See : Sale of plans)

Those plans, actualy in french, are undergoing translation into english (planned delivery december, 2013 ).
They consist of 80 printable pages with 50 plans drawn under SolidWorks, 60 photos and many explanatory texts.

A forum for technical support (only for members/builders of the Spratt 103) has also been created and Associations are underway to recognise this long-neglected concept and to develop it for popular aviation.
Thank you again for your patience and support. And now :

"Welcome aboard" ! ...and as for our wings : Let's move in the right direction !


Bernard Geffray
Designer of the Spratt 103 :
The simplest (200 h of construction, and the use of an industrial or automotive engine), the safest (no stall or spins, absorbs turbulences, pendulum centering stability, ...) and the most economic ( approximately 2.000 $ + engine)
of all aircrafts !

The Spratt 103 concept is more than an evolution of aviation : This is an aviation revolution !


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